Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal (AIM)
Physiotherapy Program

Are you a physiotherapy graduate looking to learn the latest techniques, improve your treatment skills and help more patients? Do you find yourself working full-time and looking for a flexible way to build up your credentials? Great news, the Orthopaedic Division Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal (AIM) physiotherapy program is for you! This is your opportunity to #AimHigher and take your career to the next level!

About the AIM Physiotherapy Program

The Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal (AIM) physiotherapy program will help you acquire evidence-based knowledge and hone your skills as a physiotherapist. The program’s weekend format not only allows you flexibility, but the opportunity to learn from real patient scenarios. The curriculum sequence begins by re-affirming prior education, then moves on to basic anatomy and assessment as well as treatment techniques – eventually integrating more complex patient conditions and spinal manipulation.

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How the AIM Physiotherapy Program Can Help You

LEARN the latest techniques and develop an evidence-based skill set

The AIM program is continuously evolving to ensure you receive the most accurate, evidence-based training. Throughout the length of the course, you will develop clinical reasoning and skills in musculoskeletal physiotherapy with an easy to follow structure that is based on theory, clinical reasoning and practical skills.

IMPROVE your assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions

Over the duration of the program, you will receive education across a diverse set of treatment interventions and acquire assessment skills that focus on the integration of clinical testing and reasoning. As a result, you will find you are more effective and efficient when it comes to translating knowledge into practical skills.

HELP more patients with better outcomes and greater satisfaction

You will improve your clinical practice through developing and refining skills and clinical reasoning as you gain greater confidence in patient assessment. And, you can treat more patients in the most effective way possible.

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Why Choose the AIM Physiotherapy Program

Built on a history of excellence as the first of its kind in Canada, the program is recognized for its qualified instructors and evidence-based curriculum.

The system structure offers you more flexibility so you can work full time while taking courses locally and on weekends.

Upon successful completion of the program, you are eligible to become a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists (FCAMPT).

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